M     A       Y      A      H       U       E     L
E s t o   e s  M é x i c o    e n    B e r l i n

The best of our Cuisine 


Tamales are a dish based on corn dough, which was prepared before the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs and Mayans. Nowadays, it is a typical dish in Mexico, which is often sold on the street for breakfast. In the tamales it involves corn dough that is with pre-cooked chicken (sometimes other types of meat or cheese) filled and then wrapped in corn leaves. In southern Mexico and banana leaves are used instead of maize leaves often. The wrapped corn dough is then steamed up to an hour, until it reaches a cake-like consistency.

Mayahuel offers its tamales with chicken, optionally with cheese or mushrooms stuffed in. They are wrapped in banana leaves and with a salsa roja served. 


Flautas ("flutes") are filled, rolled and fried corn tortillas. Usually, they are served hot, but they can also be eaten cold as a snack in between.Flautas come from Central Mexico and differ depending on the filling and regional variations as there are, for example, flautas con pollo("flautas with chicken") or flautas de Guadalajara("flautas from Guadalajara").

Mayahuel offers flautas filled with chicken on, either they are also vegetarian with mushrooms, served stuffed with minced meat (beef or pork) or with shrimp. There are pico de gallo (a salad of coriander, tomatoes and onions) and a salsa verde (green sauce of tomato and spices) and a coriander-quark dip.