M     A       Y      A      H       U       E     L
E s t o   e s  M é x i c o    e n    B e r l i n

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Mexican Quesadillas are tortillas with melted cheese (not to be confused with the Canary quesadillas, which are a kind of small cakes cheese-based). In northern Mexico while wheat flour tortillas are mainly used in southern Mexico corn flour tortillas. The tortillas are doing is on the hot plate with cheese and folded easily for heating. Often the quesadillas are only filled with cheese, but they can also be additionally equipped with mushrooms, meat, sausage and potatoes.

Mayahuel offers its Quesadillas with wheat flour tortillas. You are either filled with mushrooms and / or ham. There are pico de gallo (a salad of coriander, tomatoes and onions) and a salsa verde (green sauce of tomato and spices) and a coriander-quark dip. 


Nachos are originally the crushed and fried tortillas remnants of the previous day. The variant known that the tortilla chips topped with melted cheese and Jalapeños partly minced meat served (chili) and, not originally Mexican dish, but the Tex-Mex food is to be assigned. Mid-1940s, she was in the Victory Club of the Mexican border towns PiedrasNegras served for the first time some Americans, the whole was named after the chef of the club, Ignacio Anaya ("Nacho").

Mayahuel served its not baked nachos with five different sauces and dips (pico de gallo : a salad of coriander, tomatoes and onions,  salsa verde : a sauce of green tomato and spices, salsa roja : a sauce of tomatoes and oregano; Guacamole : an avocado dip, coriander quark dip).