Mayahuel offers under the motto "Tequila - an Aztec goddess comes to Berlin" Tequila tastings. Let yourself be tempted by a symbiosis of Aztec gods, Traditional Spanish and Mexican culture, impregnated with the lifeblood of Mexico, the tequila.

Our 2-3 hour tastings offer a journey through the magical Mexico. Savour quality premium tequilas on the tongue - blanco, resposado or añejo - as well as tequila liqueurs, such as pulque, mezcal or Sotol. Mayahuel likes to come to you to offer a tasting at your site. Tastings are offered for groups of 5-18 people at a price of 42 € per person (this price is for tasting sessions in Berlin, you should want outside of Berlin tasting, we would ask you if necessary travel and accommodation costs into account; In this case, please contact us for an exact price)

The legend of Mayahuel:

History of   Tequila

1 Pulque

1 Mezcal

2 Tequila (blanco)

2 Tequila (reposado)

2 Tequila (añejo)

1 Tequila (extra añejo)


The magical village of Tequila pure

2 Tequila (blanco)

3 Tequila (reposado)

2 Tequila (añejo)

1 Tequila (extra añejo)

1 Tequila Liqueur


Winnetou Mexican:

The taste of   Mexico's northern

1 pulque

1 Bacanora (blanco)

1 Bacanora (reposado)

1 Sotol (suave)

1 Sotol (tradicional)

1 Sotol (reposado)

1 Sotol Cocktail

The Spirit of Mexico:

Variety of Spirits

2 Mezcal (reposado)

2 Sotol (reposado)

1 Bacanora (reposado)

1 Teuila (blanco)

2 Tequila (reposado)

1 Tequila (añejo)